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Masonry Contracting in Flint, MI

Since 1997, Walsh Masonry has specialized in all manner of masonry work in the Fenton area: building, installing, and repairing brick and cultured stone. We are master masoners with proper licensing and insurance to back it up.

What Is Masonry CONTRACTINg?

Masonry refers to the construction specialty of building structures from brick, stone, and other hard materials. You have seen some of the most beautiful examples of masonry in ancient structures, such as the pyramids. However, excellent masonry work is available for everyday sites such as your home in Fenton.

Why Call Us For Masonry?

Masonry services provide strong and solid construction from materials that will guard and reinforce the home from elements like hail, rocks, or accidents. In the event of a fire, structures built with our masonry services will provide better protection for yourself and your personal belongings.


Fires can happen anytime, but the type of construction your home has can determine how quickly it will spread and how much damage it will do. Walls built from masonry work provide non-combustible, durable, and fire-resistant barriers. This type of work is also great for protecting steel from fire. In the event of a fire, you have the chance to go back to your home and do some repairs as opposed to losing everything.

House with Stone Works


In addition to fire protection, masonry work is low maintenance and can help secure a lower insurance rate for your home without the need for costly chimney repairs. Since masonry reinforces strength and provides protection from devastating fires and severe weather elements, insurance companies reward homeowners with lower rates. So, when you make the investment in Walsh Masonry services, you will save yourself money down the road.


One day you may decide to sell your home in Fenton. You will be able to increase the resale value of your home with good masonry work. Masonry or brick features not only provide protection and durability but it also looks beautiful and adds to the home’s curbside appeal. Not only do we install masonry work, we also repair it. Walsh Masonry is available every day for your masonry needs. Our master masons get the job right the first time, so you are less likely to need too many repairs after. Contact us on our website or by phone any day of the week.